Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks

On this Thanksgiving day, let us all give thanks for everything that has blessed our lives -

Give thanks for our founding fathers; for their wisdom, for their vision and for their courage.

Give thanks for our families who surround us, who support us and who encourage us even when others won't.

Give thanks for our freedom, for our liberty and for this great nation.

Give thanks for our health.

Give thanks for those who have fought and for those who continue to fight to defend our sovereign rights.

Give thanks for our children who hold the future in their hands and who are not afraid to dream of what could be.

Give thanks for those who serve our communities; those who protect us, those who teach us and those who heal us.

Give thanks for friends, and special thanks for those friends who are no longer with us.

Give thanks for life, that most precious gift.

Give thanks for our spiritual leaders who have chosen a life of humility and grace.

Give thanks to God, the creator of all that is before us.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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